1. To provide facilities for study and training programmes in social sciences, leadership and continuing education and allied Sciences;

  2. To engage in research and development in the disciplines specified in paragraph (a) and to evaluate the results achieved by the Academy training programmes;

  3. To provide consultancy services to the public and private sectors in specified fields as prescribed in Act No. 6 of 2005;

  4. To sponsor, arrange, facilitate and provide facilities for conferences, symposia, meetings, seminars and workshops for discussion of matters relating to social sciences, leadership and continuing education;

  5. To conduct examinations and grant awards of the Academy as approved by the National Council for Technical Education.

  6. To arrange for publication and general dissemination of materials produced in connection with the work and activities of the Academy.

  7. To engage in income generating activities for effective financing and promotion of entrepreneurship.

  8. To establish and foster close association with Universities and other institutions of higher education and promote international cooperation with similar institutions.

  9. To do all such acts and transactions as are in the opinion of the Governing Board expedient or necessary for the proper and efficient discharge of the functions of the Academy.

  10. To perform such other functions as the Minister or the Governing Board may assign to the Academy, or as are incidental or conducive to the exercise by the Academy of all or any of the preceding functions.