Research and Consultancy is one of the Units at the Academy which deals with Research and Consultancy services. The Unit was established to lead and coordinate research and facilitate knowledge exchange. Research activities are carried in a systematic approach aiming at engaging the Academy's with different research partners such as the government, industries, NGOs, mining and petroleum companies, construction firms who intend to use research evidence to support their operations.
Research activities are organized into several groups which reflect the diversity of interest and approaches in the department; that ranges from Public Policy, Gender Issues, International Relations, Good Governance, Economic and Human Resources Management related matters.
The department has a single registered Journal with registration number ISSN 1821 - 6989 and is on the process of launching on line Journal.
We are eager to develop collaborative research links with international scholars who share our pluralistic and interdisciplinary vision.

The Academy is committed to provide high quality innovative research in order to have impact to the national and international community through funding its members and expected postgraduate students to conduct research.

Research and Consultancy Unity ensures that:
The best available research evidence is used by research partners in planning, implementation and evaluation of their programs.
1. Research findings are best used in solving and responding to problems.
2. All researches are reviewed and assessed to meet worldly and international standards.
3. Research topics and questions are relevant and are within the Academy's priorities.
4. To ensure interdisciplinary approach in all researches in order to have findings of the highest scientific quality.
5. Academicians from various disciplines conduct Consultancy services in public and private sectors within and outside the country.

The Research and Consultancy Unit at the Academy ensures that research findings generated by her staff are used by research partners such as the government, industries, NGOs and companies on their planning, decision making, and policies so as to improve their daily operations and to effect significant changes in the country.

The Academy has a tendency of establishing various panels in assessing research findings conducted by Academy's staff to ensure that the goal and objectives of the Academy's Research and Consultancy Unit is achieved. Assessment will be guided by these elements Coverage of subject matter, Originality of the Research Work, Contribution to the Body of Knowledge, Relevance to Academic Discipline, Relevance to Individuals own specialization in an Academic Discipline, Presentation and Overall Quality.

The Academy has Editorial Board for reviewing ethical issues and ensuring quality standards are adhered by researchers while doing research and in publication process as well.