MASO in pursuit of its objectives as stated in Article 5 herein may carry out any or all of the following functions:

  1. To promote academic excellence to its members.

  2. To initiate, sponsor or undertake activities for the benefit of the students of the Academy.

  3. To organize debates, seminars, workshops, conferences, study tours and symposia to enhance intellectual, civic and political awareness of the students' community.

  4. To invite at appropriate times any distinguished personalities such as political, social, academic and cultural personalities to interact with the students by way of lectures, panels or group discussions, workshop or any other means which will promote healthy interaction and understanding of all relevant economic, social, political and academic issues.

  5. To correspond, communicate and/or promote relationship in other ways with other students' organizations which share and promote objectives similar to those of MASO within and outside Tanzania

  6. To broadcast through radio, television and publish through journals, books, newspapers, newsletters, leaflets, magazine, recordings or otherwise through any other means for the purpose of presenting relevant information to the public.

  7. To establish committees, secretariats and any other functional organs for the better discharge of the MASO activities aimed towards achieving its objectives.

  8. To undertake any other activity or function in conformity with the status and objectives of the MNMA.

  9. To receive and examine students' complaints/allegations and look for appropriate remedy.