1)   Every person admitted to The Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Academy as a candidate for a course or training programme leading to a Certificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma, Degree or any other award attainable by covering either the short or the long courses of the Academy shall become a member of MASO upon the admittance as a student regardless of his/her age, tribe or race.

2)   Every member shall pay an annual subscription fee which may be reviewed and changed from time to time by the MASO-SRP.

3)   A member shall cease to be a member when,

a)    Completes his/her studies.

b)    His/her is terminated from studies for any other reasons.

c)    When the member dies.

d)   It is established that, she/he has committed a criminal offence.



    Every MASO member shall be entitled to;

    1)    Participate in all general activities of MASO, vote or hold office when elected or appointed.

    2)    Request, receive and have access to all MASO publications.

    3)    The right to appeal and appear before any appropriate authorized organ that may determine the members' existence in MASO and henceforth in the Academy.

    4)    The right of audience and freedom of expression before all organs of MASO and its entire media.


    5)    To have access and use all facilities owned, possessed or entrusted to MASO. Provided that in the course of enjoyment of the rights stated in this constitution, nothing shall be construed to entitle a member of MASO to hinder in any way other members to enjoy ,the same.


    All MASO members are duly bound to:

    1)    Promote and preserve the sanctity of this constitution.

    2)    Endeavor to educate oneself to the best of one's ability to better the reputation of the Academy and for the personal benefit of oneself and that of humanity.

    3)    Pay subscription and tuition fees when due

    4)    Attend meetings regularly and discharge assignments.

    5)    Exhibit high self discipline and ethics.

    6)    Promote academic excellence.

    7)    Participate in all MASO activities.

    8)    Refrain from influencing the MASO Government or any one of its individual members to act in any way or manner which may appear to prejudice or tarnish the image or status of MASO and the Academy.

    9)    To carry out lawful activities as may be delegated to him or her by MASO or any other MASO organ.

    Every MASO member has the right to petition against any relevant MASO organ which may violate this constitution and/or any regulation or rules of MASO and MNMA if, and when necessary.


    Every member shall be expected to oblige to preserve his/her own personal integrity, dignity and rights, as well as those of other MASO members.

    In any event when it is proved that any MASO member has committed any form of misconduct he/she shall be deemed to have violated provisions of this constitution.

    Misconducts include:

    (i)         Conduct which does or is likely to cause damage, violence to person or property within the Academy.

    (ii)        Using force or violence against or striking a fellow student, an officer or any member of the Academy's community regardless such violence occurs in the Academy or not.

    (iii)       Maliciously damaging, defacing or destroying a wall, gate, fence or any other property of the Academy's campus.

    (iv)       When a student is charged with any crime e.g. theft.

    (v)        Unauthorized possession of a key (s) to Academy's property.

    (vi)       Use of slanderous, abusive, obscene or threatening language by any student against any other officer or employee of the Academy in the course or performance of such officer's or employee's duties.

    (vii)      Inviting outsiders such as police, guest speakers/or social entertainers without the permission of the relevant organs of the Academy.

    (viii)     Forming and or establishing unauthorized students' groups which are likely to cause disunity and disorder at the Academy.

    (ix)       Wearing clothes that believed culturally not decent.

    (x)        Unauthorized possession of library property like books, and others.

    (xi)       Unauthorized carrying of lethal weapons within the campus.

    (xii)      For the purpose of this article, any member deemed to have violated the article shall be subjected to enquiry by the Ethics, Disciplinary and Enquiry Secretariat and shall further be sued to the Student's Welfare and Disciplinary Committee for further actions.

    (xiii)     Instigating or inciting students/workers to boycott/strike.

    (xiv)     Knowingly giving information known to be false, or not believed to be true personally or by another person on one's behalf.

    (xv)      Knowingly giving out confidential information of the Academy without authority.