The MNMA (PMU) Procurement management Unit has the following functions according to section 38 of the new public procurement Act 2011:-

  1. To manage all procurement and disposal by tender activities of the procuring entry except adjudication and the award of contract.

  2. To support the functioning of the tender board.

  3. To implement the decisions of the tender board

  4. To act as a secretarial to the tender board

  5. To plan the procurement and disposal by tender activities of the procuring entry.

  6. To recommend procurement and disposal by tender procedures.

  7. To check and prepare statements of requirements.

  8. To prepare tender documents.

  9. To prepare advertisements of tender opportunities

  10. To prepare contract documents.

  11. To issue approved contract documents

  12. To maintain and archive records of the procurement and disposal process.

  13. To prepare monthly reports for the tender board.

  14. To prepare and submit to the management weeks quarter of reports on the implementation of the annual procurement plan.

  15. To co-ordinate the procurement and disposal activities of all the departments of the procuring entry.

  16. To prepare other reports as may be required from time to time.

    Advise the management matter pertaining procurement:
    Objective 1:
    1. To support operational requirements of the Institute
    2. To understand business and services requirements of the Institute.
    3. To buy products and services of the Institute

    - At the right price
    - From the right source
    - At the right specification that meets users' needs.
    - In the right quality
    - Delivery items at the right time
    - To the right customer.

    Objective 2.
    To manage the procurement process and the supply base efficiently
    and effectively.

    Objective 3.
    To develop strong relationships with other groups within in the academy
    and outside.

    Objective 4.
    To support Academy goals and objective by supplying the requirements on time

    Goals of MNMA Procurement Management Unit.
    1. Reduce operational costs.
    2. Improve quality of services and products.
    3. Delivery on time.
    4. To achieve value for money
    5. Meet customers satisfactions.
    6. To compliance with public and regulations laws of the country

    PMU Organizational Structure.

    A Government procurement entry that is transparent efficient and free of corruption creating strong solidarity effective coordination and improve good relationship between key stakeholders in and outside the Academy.

    To implement effective public procurement Act and its regulations in order to achieve transparency accountability equity, effectiveness, efficiency and economic in the institute.


    It consists three (3) staffs.

    1. Head of PMU - Noelia P. Mbele
    2. Assistant of PMU - Frederick P. Kimicho
    3. Subordinate - Theresia L. Kanisio

    All registered with PSPTB