The MNMA envisions a high profile in the provision of high quality teaching, research and consultancy services. The aspiration is mirrored in the MNMA vision and mission statements.

The MNMA Quality Assurance Unit was established to regularly monitor and evaluate QA processes.

The QA is a unit that operates as the Rector`s organ on QA matters and accrues its mandate in the MNMA Quality Assurance policy.

The Cardinal goal of this organ is to measure the adherence levels to performance standards of the core functions as enshrined in the NACTE`s QA standards and other regional and international bodies.


Quality Assurance Unit (QAu) at The Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Academy (MNMA) is responsible to achieve the mission as pertaining to

  1. Advise The Rector and Heads of departments on benchmarking performance standards;

  2. Coordinate both internal and external evaluation of programmes at MNMA to meet NACTE standards;

  3. Back up strategic initiatives aiming at achieving quality in academics and administrative functions; Ensure existence and implementation of an acceptable & robust system of Examinations;

  4. Coordinate and manage Student's Evaluation of the staff and programmes;

  5. Coordinate initiatives for situational analysis of MNMA programmes and graduates and provision of feedback to responsible staff members after the survey ; bridge with professional and regulatory bodies, employers, students, community and alumni to sustain  the image of MNMA;

  6. Review MNMA QA policy to meet demands of a time;

  7. Analyse QA reports and share the reports to MNMA`s management and stakeholders.




Quality Assurance Unit (QAU),
The Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Academy,
P.O.BOX 9193,
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

E-mail: Qualityassurance@mnma.ac.tz

Website: www.mnma. ac.tz