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The library is the heart of the Academy. It is an integral part of the Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Academy (MNMA) Mission which states that: "to dedicate itself to the advancement of lifelong learning through excellence in teaching, research, consultancy and public service in a challenging and supportive learning environment where the pursuit of knowledge, creative enquiry, critical thinking and applied skills are cultivated and sustained".

The MNMA Library strives to provide its users with various services that meet their information needs. Library and information services are provided in printed and electronic forms from different sources such as books, periodicals, newspapers, journal articles, theses, dissertations, and other reading materials to academic and administrative staff, students, and other users from within and outside the Academy. Other services provided include lending, training, literature searches, membership and special collections.


  1. 1) All registered students and Academic members of staff of the Academy are entitled to use and borrow materials (Books, manuals and other publications) from the library.
  2. 2) Other employed members of MNMA or staff of other Cadres are also allowed to use the library. However, they cannot borrow materials unless special permission from the Rector or Chief Librarian. If that permission is granted, that individual staff will be required to submit their Identity Card.
  3. 3) External users: Persons who are not Students or Staff members of the Academy may use or borrow materials from the library if special permission from the Rector is given.



Users of the MNMA Library are the MNMA community and other authorized users from outside MNMA, and researchers from within Tanzania and abroad.


Access to MNMA Library is FREE (no charges) for the time being. However, all users of MNMA's Library are required to adhere to its rules and regulations.


  1. 1. The Library will be used to read and borrow information materials from both Students and academic staff members.
  2. 2. All employed MNMA staff (other cadres) may be allowed to make use of Library Services though they are not allowed to borrow information materials (for the time being)
  3. 3. Persons who are not students of the Academy or are not employed by the Academy may not use the library and borrow information materials as External Readers. (Except with permission from the Deputy Rector-Academic, Research and Consultancy or Librarian).
  4. 4. No document(s) shall be removed from the library until officially issued to the borrower(s), inspected and checked by the staff at the exit counter.
  5. 5. The Library will be used for reading and browsing information materials by both students and academic staff.
  6. 6. Members of the teaching staff may borrow up to five (5) information materials and may stay with them for seven (7) days only.
  7. 7. Students may borrow three (3) information materials (from lending collection)and stay with them for a period of (3) three days only.
  8. 8. The Chief Librarian shall reserve the right, subject to the approval committee, to prohibit borrowing certain classes of the Library materials.
  9. 9. The reader or person under whose name an item is taken out shall be solely responsible for returning it. It is strictly forbidden to borrow information material(s) using somebody's ticket, likewise borrowing the material(s) on behalf of someone else.
  10. 10. Information materials taken from the shelves for consultation in the Library MUST NOT be re-shelved by the reader(s) but must be left on the table to be shelved by the Library staff.
  11. 11. THEFT of library information materials will be considered a SERIOUS OFFENCE, and offenders are liable for severe disciplinary action.
  12. 12. All information materials must NOT be MARKED or MUTILATED. Borrowers are advised to examine the books they borrow before issuing them. Marking or mutilating information materials will be considered WILLFUL damage to the Academy property. The offender is liable for disciplinary actions, which may involve repair, replacement,
  13. 13. Information may be reserved. Reserved materials will be returned to the shelves if not claimed within two days after notice has been sent to the person reserving them.
  14. 14. The MNMA Library Committee reserves the right to withdraw library facilities from any person who neglects the library rules or whose general conduct imperious the value of the library to other readers.


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