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The Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Academy has a history of being the only Institution which has sustainable maintains a track record of building capacity of public leaders to practice ethical leadership, particularly during the era of one party system of national leadership and governance. The academy gained International recognition in facilitating African Countries in their struggle for independence.
The Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Academy introduced Ethics, Leadership and Governance Training Programme under the Kibweta Cha Mwalimu Nyerere. The Programme was officially inaugurated by the 4th President of the United Republic of Tanzania Honorable Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete on 13th April, 2015.
Training Goal
The goal of this programme is to impart participants with ethics, leadership and governance knowledge, skills and wider attributes that would synergize initiatives made by local, regional and global stakeholders towards sustainable attainments of competitive social and economic welfare.
Training Specific Objectives
In implementing her obligations, the Kibweta cha Mwalimu Nyerere focuses on facilitating participants to achieve the following specific objectives:
1. To enhance theoretical and practical understanding of leadership, ethics and governance theories, principles and models, and consequently apply them at work places.
2. To develop skills for problems and conflict management, negotiations and diplomacy.
3. To explore in-depth strategic planning, project management and entrepreneurship and
4. To develop personal leadership and managerial skills.
Targeted Audience
This course is designed for people who are working or seeking to work in the career of leadership and governance in the public and private sector within and outside the United Republic of Tanzania. Thus, Ministries, government agencies, Public Institutions and the private sector institutions are advised to planning for their leaders at diverse levels to participate into this valuable training programme so as to enhance their capacity to practice in manners that meet the emerging needs of the wider part of stakeholders on sustainable basis.
Training Programme Clusters
The training programme is divided into four clusters. Participants will be required to effectively participate into all training courses under each cluster including four training courses under cluster one, six training courses under cluster two, five training courses under cluster three and four training courses under cluster four. The four clusters are;
Cluster I: Leadership, Ethics and Professionalism
Cluster II: Leadership and Management
Cluster III: Leadership Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation
Cluster IV: Persuasion and Consensus in Leadership
Periods of the Training Programme
Each of the clusters of the Training Programme will be trained for a period of three months. And the whole programme is expected to be covered in twelve months. Whereas the first month will be spent on indoor training (theoretical part; the following two months are intended for practical training by all participants at their work places.
Training Fee
Each participant will be required to pay training fee amounting to Tanzania Shillings 1,200,000/- (One million and two hundred thousand only ) for each cluster and Tanzania Shillings 4,800,000/= (Four Million and eight hundred thousand Tanzania Shillings Only) for the whole training program, excluding participant local transport and accommodation and other costs related to participant's own welfare.
For Further Details; Enquiries should be addressed to:
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